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Town of Olbia, Sardinia

Olbia, a town which has about 60,000 inhabitants is located on the northeast coast of Sardinia (Italy). The name derives from the greek Olbia Ολβιος (Olbiòs) happy. During its 2500 years of history, has changed its name several times, but since 1939 is returned to its original name.

Olbia, Sardinia, Italy

Olbia is the economic center of Gallura, and is the largest passenger airport in Italy. Capital (with Tempio) the “Province Olbia-Tempio”.

A dynamic city, which presents itself as a tourist destination, for the beauty sea and beaches and also for the large number of places of cultural interest to visit.

The center of Olbia is very suggestive, Corso Umberto, the main street of the old town, there are numerous restorations of historic buildings, mainly “Town Hall”, the Library "Simpliciana". Through the streets of the city center to check is no doubt the Church of St. Paul Apostle, and in these old ways are still etched on the lintels of some homes the epigraphs of 1700.

National Archaeological Museum Beaches, Bados, Olbia, Sardinia Roman aqueduct of Olbia, Sardinia

To visit the National Archaeology Museum, whose main attraction are the wrecks of Roman and medieval ships, founded in the excavation for the construction of the tunnel in front of the old pier. Going a few ways you can reach many sites of great historical and cultural interest, near the Town Hall (street Corso Umberto), you can see part of the square Roman;

in street Acquedotto you can admire the remains of the Walls Punic;

in street Nanni there are the remains of ancient dwellings punic, still are visible in the vicinity in the remains of the Roman Aqueduct (which you can admire the most intact in the road leading to Abbas Cabu, reachable by car in just a few minutes).

Church of St. Paul, Olbia, Sardinia Library Simpliciana, Olbia, Sardinia Old Town, via Olbia, Olbia, Sardinia

Do not miss the visit of the ChurchBasilica of San Simplicio” (XI-XII sec.)

To the streets of downtown there are many shops where you can buy items of 'Sardinian, and restaurants where you can enjoy the typical local cuisine.

Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate of Sardinia to go for a walk of
Lungomare di Via Redipuglia and Corso Vittorio Emanuele, its a always pleasure and romantic.


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